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Item Processing Services

Symcor's leadership in outsourced item processing services spans a decade but, today, we recognize that the financial services industry is evolving and we're adopting changes in image and electronic technology that allow items to be captured closer to the point of deposit and processed as non-paper items.

As one of Canada's largest item processing service providers, Symcor offers an end-to-end outsourcing solution that can shorten cycle times, reduce costs and improve quality in cheque and item processing.

Cheque Processing Services

Today we manage more than 70% of Canada's cheque processing business. Our cheque processing services provide quick and accurate item processing from receipt, to proof, to image capture and posting of standard cheques and payment instruments.

Mail and Distribution – We receive and track branch courier bags, and sort and redistribute all items. Our established network of centers and reliable courier routes ensure cheques and documents arrive at the right place and on time.

Pre-capture Services – We perform accurate, high-speed magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) proof and encoding of un-encoded cheques and other financial documents, with pre-screening of items as required.

Capture – We capture data of cheques and other paper deposit information and forward client transaction data electronically for posting to customer accounts. An image of the item is archived for record retention and further services. Other deposit items and clearing data are prepared for exchange with other financial institutions.

ATM Deposit Processing – Symcor verifies ATM envelope transactions, including deposits to customer accounts and payments to the bank or other third parties. In this process, each document related to a transaction is imaged, archived and balanced to your electronic transaction detail files.

Exceptions and Return Services

These services handle exceptions and returns from capture services. Using an image-based platform, Symcor employs the latest technology to maximize speed and flexibility. This allows for more efficient payment decisions and faster processing of inbound and outbound returns for customers. We retain data and images for audit requirements and can utilize analysis software to identify potentially fraudulent items.

Symcor performs an initial review of all suspected fraudulent items, eliminating false positives and referring suspect items to customers for final pay/no pay decisions.

Our automatic image-based research and case management capabilities allow customers to retrieve item information and reconcile discrepancies due to encoding issues, missing or free items, misreads or balancing errors.

Self-service item retrieval requests via a secure Web connection are managed across multiple media sources, including microfilm and image archive, to provide timely electronic, faxed or print responses.

Image Delivery Services

Symcor is the largest provider of secure storage and retrieval services of vital imaged documents to the Canadian financial industry. Our state-of-the-art technology solutions include a suite of image processing and delivery products. Shorter processing cycles and quality capture of cheque images and other processed items enable faster retrieval, access to more information, and better decision-making capability for our customers.

Symcor Image Capture and Archive

The heart of our image capture and delivery services is Symcor's sophisticated Image Archive, a repository housing all cheque and other processed document images which are received from Symcor's multiple capture sites that are equipped with high-speed image capture capability.

The Symcor Image Archive is built on two mainframe servers and supported by two fully populated redundant archive sites. Customers have peace of mind that their captured data is backed up, secure, and accessible at all times to support day-to-day operations and business continuity plans.

Image Delivery

Delivery of images stored in the Symcor Image Archive is available across multiple platforms. Once the extraction of all related item images is complete, the information can be sent to customers through a secure file transfer service, saved in an encrypted CD/DVD for subsequent delivery, or provided to customers and their clients on a self-serve basis through a Web-enabled portal.

Self-Service Web Image Retrieval (Web IR)

The Web IR service is a customer-branded portal service provided to customers and their clients for direct and immediate access to electronic images of cheques, statements, ATM deposits and other transactions, which have been captured and stored in Symcor's Image Archive. The Web-based portal provides quick and easy access to the stored data at any time and from anywhere there is Internet access.

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