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Document Management Services

Symcor is a trusted partner and leading provider in Business Process Outsourcing services with extensive knowledge and experience in the Financial and Insurance industries within the Canadian market. We have over 20 years of experience in document management services. Each of our offerings is designed to provide you with a platform that delivers immediate savings and allows you to evolve into a best in class service delivery agent for your customers.

Digital Mailroom Services

Our services are designed to automate and digitize inbound communications, regardless of the format (paper, fax, email, mobile, or web). Using the latest scanning equipment and advanced data capture technologies, companies can digitize incoming mail and automate the classification and distribution of documents within the organization.

Symcor’s offering for Digital Mailroom services is handled in one of our six locations across Canada. Our services offer flexibility, allowing you to choose the solution that’s right for your organization:

  • Physical & Electronic Image Capture
  • Real time Workflow Management & Monitoring
  • Mobile Capture
  • Image Archiving
  • Automated document classification & date capture
  • On Site and Off Site Storage
  • Offshore & Onshore Indexing
  • Document destruction
  • Real time client Exceptions Handling
  • Cheque Processing
  • Highly Secure Client Web portal
  • Automated client notification

Automated Return Mail Handling Services:

Return Mail is a problem for many large volume mailers today. Organizations are seeking effective solutions focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes and maintaining positive customer relationships.

Symcor provides flexible solutions that enhance the return mail handling process throughout an organization while reducing the associated costs

  • Scan opened/unopened mail
  • Automated name & address lift
  • Address look up and correction
  • Reissuance of mail

Document Scanning and Indexing Services:

Conversion of paper files is a large, time-consuming task requiring specialized skills, equipment and software, not to mention resources. Transform your paper documents into digital formats and gain the benefits:

  • Accessibility from anywhere
  • Full search capabilities
  • Faster processing
  • Document Security
  • Physical storage savings

At Symcor, we scan a wide variety of documents, from insurance claims to cheques and payments. Our large fleet of scanning equipment is designed to accommodate any size or type of document to meet your imaging needs.

While most companies manually sort and prep documents, which can be time consuming and costly, Symcor utilizes a “one-touch” process that allows prep and scan functions to occur at one workstation, at the same time. Our software provides automated document classification and validation capabilities, thus eliminating the need for up front sorting.  Intelligent data capture features read and transform fields into valuable, usable and searchable metadata.

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