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Cash Management Services

Symcor's cash management services help customers turn receivables into cash faster, manage outgoing payments more efficiently, and provide flexible disbursement options. The result is more timely and accurate reporting information to maximize cash flow visibility and improve business planning and decision-making.

Outsourcing lockbox operations to Symcor is a cost-efficient and flexible solution that maintains a customer's brand, reduces the capital investment required to be competitive, and ensures security and business continuity. Each year, we process over 250 million lockbox payments. Our experience and continual investment in technology provide an invisible but competitive infrastructure that allows customers to focus on growing business.

Wholesale Lockbox and Image Wholesale Lockbox

Our Wholesale Lockbox solutions provide high-value, business-to-business payments processing. We collect mailed payments from the post office, transport them to a nearby processing site, sort and pre-screen them for validity, perform an image-based extraction of information necessary for processing, and reconcile accounts.

With Image Wholesale Lockbox, Symcor customers benefit from the latest in image capture technology to enhance the Wholesale Lockbox process. Payments are captured as high-quality images of cheques, invoices, envelopes and other remittance-related documents, stored and made available to customers in the format that they prefer.

Customers are able to view the status of their receivables in near real-time via Web or other electronic storage and transmission methods, providing the information necessary to make timely decisions and provide excellent service to their end-user clients. We can also provide daily image files uploaded and synchronized to a customer's internal archive.

Symcor's solutions provide security, speed and the flexibility to adapt to every customer's unique payment processing needs.

Retail Lockbox

Retail Lockbox services include the collection of customer payments from designated lockbox sites and transportation to a processing site where Symcor processes the remittances and deposits cheque payments directly into a customer’s account. Receivables data is then transmitted to customers electronically for uploading to an accounts receivable system, giving you timely information and quick access to available cash.

Symcor’s Retail Lockbox services leverage the same network of processing centers, high-speed data transport machines, image capture technology and digital archiving tools used for our Wholesale Lockbox and item processing services.

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