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Contact Centre Management Services

Symcor’s Contact Centre management client base includes companies of various types and sizes serving just about every sector and marketplace imaginable. While some businesses operate their contact centre in-house, others prefer to outsource to our experienced professionals with a proven track record in outstanding client service.

Our Contact Centre Management service utilizes Cisco hardware and software components to respond to multichannel inquiries while achieving industry-recognized service and client satisfaction goals.

With this service, companies can be more flexible and benefit from cost savings opportunities, while freeing up resources to focus on their core business.

Symcor provides Support Services via live chat, email, phone and web portal.

  • Support coverage is available 24/7 – 365 Days
  • Fully bilingual service in English and French
  • Top rated client service with highly trained, experienced Canadian-based representatives
  • Consistent client experience
  • 4 Physical Contact centre locations across Canada
  • Ability to handle high volume contacts
  • Over 100 full time employees to service our clients….and growing
  • Reporting and data analytics
  • Real-time dashboards

Symcor’s Contact Management services provide companies with a platform that delivers immediate savings and allows you to evolve into a best in class service delivery agent for your clients. Symcor’s value proposition provides the following benefits:

  • Time: Improved client response times resulting in increased client satisfaction
  • Cost: Reduced operating costs and free up facility space for your core business
  • Quality: The right information delivered to the right people
  • Management: Communications channels are easily monitored, real time updates
  • Reporting: Electronic tracking and reporting available
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