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If your organization isn’t networking data, you’re missing out. Growth-oriented organizations recognize the powerful outcomes that can result from networking disparate information sources. However, many organizations are unsuccessful in accessing the insights that come from unifying data, due to legacy systems, dataset gaps, and resource constraints.

Symcor is uniquely positioned to address this challenge, with our 20 year history of managing financial data from Canadian banks. We have built a platform that allows organizations to unlock the power of their data in a safe and secure manner.

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COR.IQ Platform

The Platform that Powers Insights to Accelerate your Business Forward:

  • Gain fraud insights from networked data across organizations
  • Collaborate with industry peers
  • Benefit from industry-leading data governance and security controls
  • Easy integration

COR Digital Security (COR.DS)

The COR Digital Security (COR.DS) fraud portal leverages the COR.IQ platform, and surfaces real-time, accurate insights to enhance your decision making, business outcomes, and reduce fraud losses. The application currently available is the Duplicate Cheque Detection (DCD).

  • Duplicate Cheque Detection – Detect duplicate cheque deposits across multiple institutions. Earlier notifications improve ability to place or increase holds on suspicious activity. Supervised machine learning reduces false positives, resulting in operational efficiencies and an improved customer experience.


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