Symcor is a trusted partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the Canadian market.

Symcor's long-standing success in providing outsourcing services to the country's major chartered banks has provided the foundation for servicing major companies in the retail, insurance, utilities, and telecommunications sectors.


Some of Canada's largest banks trust Symcor to transform their regulatory communications into personalized and compelling interactions. We do it efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively.

The banking industry's high volume of transactional communications requires an efficient service provider to produce high-impact communications in a secure environment.

Symcor's cost-effective, digital full-colour print solutions create client communications that are personalized to support and enhance a client's brand. Combining full colour content management tools enables client's to move away from paper inserts to onserts, improving customer exposure and readability of important notices and enhancing our client's opportunity to maximize postage savings.

Our integrated transactional communication services can help banks deliver regulatory communication quickly, efficiently, and securely while helping end-users to transition from print to digital communications for all of their regulatory-driven bank communications.


Symcor's communication tools help our insurance industry customers communicate with their clients in the most efficient and cost-effective methods while building loyal client relationships that drive revenue growth.

Our state-of-the-art digital printing platform helps clients to accommodate a wide variety of printed documents from policy and correspondence communications to welcome kits, including capabilities for in-line MICR and perforations, allowing insurance clients to eliminate pre-printed paper. The most advanced technology and innovative processes help to minimize costs when producing high-quality black and white or full colour paper communications.

Symcor's omni-channel platform can transform critical communications into engaging digital communications that reach end-users in a timely manner, allowing for instant access from anywhere on any device. Our suite of electronic tools integrate seamlessly at a single source making it easy to manage content across multiple channels, saving time, improving content consistency and increasing the speed to market of critical and timely communication.

Symcor is committed to continuous investment in technology and innovation that supports cost-savings for our clients and enhanced communication for end-users.


Credit Card companies that use Symcor's statement services can be assured of the privacy and security of all information, regardless of whether statements are delivered in print or electronic formats. We continuously invest in the latest technology to enhance security and deliver cost-savings to our clients.

Symcor's award-winning privacy controls are a leading industry standard for transactional communication of financial data. Credit card statements and confidential personal information are handled in a secure environment with multiple checks and balances for enhanced data protection.

Our multi-channel offering translates a single source of data for multiple delivery options, from high-quality, full colour digitally printed paper statements to secure, web-based electronic statements delivered through an e-mail notification. All platforms offer the ability to personalize and target messages to end-users through the application of dynamic colour, imaging, and presentation options that help to inform, educate and sell new opportunities to existing clients.


In the increasingly competitive telecommunications industry, Symcor's omni-channel communication platform helps telecommunication companies stand above the competition.

Continuous investment in technology and innovation ensure we can offer the speed and accuracy needed to minimize costs, along with the quality and impact necessary to engage their end-users.

Capturing information once for design and distribution across multiple communication channels helps companies achieve cost-savings and ensures consistent messaging and brand presence across all customer communications.

Symcor offers the most advanced continuous digital colour print platform with capabilities for full colour onserts, in-line MICR and perforations to ensure all printed statements are eye-catching, informative and add value to the end-user experience. Our electronic and web-based solutions include the latest tools to personalize content and transform bills and letters into targeted marketing campaigns that are effective for selling new products, encouraging service upgrades, as well as educating customers on must-read regulatory changes.


Investment communications can be confusing and daunting for the user. Symcor's print and digital communication platforms provide wealth management firms with the tools to transform transactional information into clear, concise and compelling communication opportunities that are delivered to end-users efficiently and cost effectively.

Complex data and investment goals can be turned into more effective customer communication through the use of Symcor's messaging and composition tools. Delivering full-colour, eye-catching documents that simplify the information and provide the user with content tailored to their needs can make the difference between communicating a transaction and building a lasting client relationship.

Our omni-channel platform can transform standard statements, proxies, trade confirmations and reports into rich, personalized communications for print or multiple electronic channels. It's a cost-effective way to reinforce brand, educate existing clients about new products and opportunities and communicate the value of your relationship.

Symcor's interactive, web-based tools provide clients with the opportunity to convert traditional paper inserts to onserts, helping to reduce postage costs and improving the opportunity for more effective customer communication. Our e-mail notification tools let our customers control the look, feel and content of regular communications to their wealth management clients. End-users benefit from messaging that is directly relevant to their interests. They can retrieve their information from anywhere when and where they want them.


Changing regulations and compliance can make communication to utility consumers a complicated undertaking. Symcor's solution enables customers to ensure regulatory compliance of all client communication across multiple platforms. Electronic solutions offer visually appealing information, simplified and consistent messaging, and the ability to reach consumers in real-time, regardless of where they are.

Symcor's robust omni-channel solutions ensure consistency of information with the ability for the client to ensure full compliance with all regulatory requirements for utility bills and statements, including up-to-date information and education on important rate changes and other relevant information that is most effectively delivered through multiple channels.

Our state-of-the-art continuous digital colour print technology creates visually appealing, high impact documents to reinforce a brand and transform complex bills into clear, concise client communication. Electronic presentment and distribution options take the same content, look and feel and deliver them in a timely, secure electronic environment that provides the end-user with convenience and value-added features built on a web-based platform, saving our clients time and money associated with document production and mailing. Utility companies are able to use regular monthly statements to communicate more effectively with their clients and cut through the complexities to highlight information that is relevant and meaningful to the utility consumer.

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