Senior Management

The collective experience of Symcor's leadership team encompasses all aspects of physical and electronic cheque and payment processing, statement production and personalized customer communication. Our leaders have diverse backgrounds and bring unique expertise to the company and to our clients. With a balance of national and international experience, veterans of North American banking and corporate leadership, and a new breed of technology experts, Symcor's senior management team has the vision and experience to successfully lead the company through the next generation of digital processing solutions.

Chameli Naraine President and Chief Executive Officer

Craig Menzies Senior Vice President, Client Service Delivery and Operations

Paul MacDonald Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Dee Dee Milner Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Sherrie Ross Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Donna Kinoshita Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Chameli Naraine President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Joined Symcor in 2008
  • Appointed President and Chief Executive Officer in 2011
  • Founder: Naraine Global Fund

As CEO, I try to “walk the talk.” That’s an old-fashioned phrase, but it works. Our vision and strategy are clear. To make those things real as a leader, you personally have to get out and do your best to create the circumstances and build the culture that will make that vision possible.

Important to me is meeting with all of our employees across the country on a frequent basis. In these meetings, we talk about strategy, business results, international events and what’s happening in Canada. We also talk about real-life matters, such as local and global issues important to them. It's not only about communicating direction and results – it’s also about listening and learning.

Our unique strengths are collaboration and innovation. With global factors considered and measured risk managed, practical business plans are developed based on a good understanding of business needs. We bring solutions to create business value for our clients, enabling them to win in the marketplace.

I like to create value and I take responsible leadership seriously. These values underpin the strategies taken and the decisions made across our company. Our clients, our employees and our communities can always count on this.

Craig Menzies Senior Vice President, Client Service Delivery and Operations

  • Joined Symcor in 2009
  • Appointed as Senior Vice President in 2011, and head of Client Service Delivery and Operations in 2016
  • Enjoys travelling the world and spending free time with family

I’m responsible for operations and the delivery of client services in our organization through a network of 8 delivery centres across Canada, as well as strengthening partnerships with clients. The work I oversee enables clients to be more cost-effective and enhances their interactions with their customers. That’s a significant responsibility for Symcor, and for my team.

A large part of what I do is making sure our internal teams are supported, challenged and excited to be part of Symcor’s innovative and performance-driven culture. We’ve built our business practices on highly engineered processes, but consistently delivering service excellence comes down to people.

To deliver services effectively to our clients, it’s my job to understand their needs and bring together a team that can meet those needs. In our business and industry, people have to care about what they do; they have to understand their roles and responsibilities and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations every day. And I’m proud to say that, throughout my career at Symcor, our people always rise to the challenge.

Dee Dee Milner Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

    • Joined Symcor in 2008
    • Appointed SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer in 2013
    • 6 Sigma Master Blackbelt; Volunteer Mission Services, Hamilton; enjoys photography

As the leader for the human resources (HR) team at Symcor, my team provides support to our business partners, so that they can effectively develop, engage and reward our employees. I came to HR from an operations background and although not the typical route, it taught me to ask: “what is the business result we are trying to achieve and how can we get this done – together?” That’s been enormously helpful at Symcor, a company that focuses both on people and business results.

Symcor’s people are our core strength. That’s something many companies say, but through my career I’ve never seen the kind of dedication I see with our employees here. Reinforcing the culture that produces that kind of dedication is a real priority. Increasingly, one of the ways we’re doing that is through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Over the last few years, I’ve worked with our CEO on implementing a CSR program that is company supported, but driven by the grass roots – our employees – and our progress and response has been incredible.

Currently, in our efforts to support growth, my team is working to enhance our employees’ existing skillsets, and to attract talented people to join us. It’s an exciting challenge and we look forward to continuing to shape “One Symcor” with the help of +1 Unique You.

In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, my daughter and son as well as photography and sewing.

Paul MacDonald Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

    • Joined Symcor as a consultant in 2015
    • Appointed SVP and Chief Information Officer in 2016
    • Owns and manages standardbred racehorses

As Chief Information Officer (CIO), I’m responsible for all of our technology-related functions here at Symcor – everything from Enterprise Architecture, to development, to IT infrastructure – while also ensuring our Enterprise Program Office keeps our project investments aligned with both our corporate strategy and our clients’ needs.

Symcor looks at the CIO role a bit differently. Obviously, I’m responsible for ensuring that our IT infrastructure is robust and up-to-date, and that we have the right systems in place to serve our clients. That’s one side of the equation. The other is more focused on leveraging our technology capabilities and working with our business leaders and product teams to identify opportunities for growing the business with new technology-based products and services that anticipate client needs or open the door to new markets.

In that aspect of my job, I’m part of a team that includes the people who “own” our customer relationships or those who work primarily on new business. It ties in well to my professional background, which includes time as a market researcher focused on the IT space. I spent several years asking business people “what works?” and “what do you need?” And that helps us deliver technology-driven solutions that are truly tailored to what clients are looking for.

Sherrie Ross Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Joined Symcor in 2006
  • Appointed as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2016
  • Lifelong baseball fan and softball player

My title is Chief Financial Officer, and that covers a lot of ground. I am responsible for finance, internal audit and procurement, as well as enterprise real estate, risk management and business continuity management. As a member of the senior executive team, I contribute to setting the company’s strategic direction and ensuring that we incorporate that direction into everything we do.

This wide range of responsibilities provides a holistic perspective to better understand the impact that one area can have throughout the organization. Such a perspective contributes to aligning key priorities whether engaging in financial planning, evaluating performance and risk or enhancing a business continuity program. Having been at Symcor over 10 years gives me a solid foundation when it comes to understanding our company’s dynamics – what we do, the changes we have gone through and where we have the ability to go.

On a personal note, I have played softball most of my adult life, and I like that it is both an individual and a team sport. Individually, you focus on building skills, but ultimately, what matters is how well you coordinate your abilities with those of your teammates in order to achieve success. I see a lot of that reflected in what we do here, and it is what makes Symcor a winning team.

Donna Kinoshita Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

  • Joined Symcor in 2018
  • Certified Treasury Professional with the Association for Financial and Treasury Management Professionals (AFP)
  • Extensive experience reaching across industries and from large organizations to start-ups
  • Enjoys spending quality time with family and golfing, skiing, and cycling

Having spent a large portion of my career within the financial industry, focusing on technology solutions, Symcor is known as a highly trusted brand, and is recognized for providing secure, high-performing, client focused services. I am excited to be part of the Symcor team with the opportunity to drive growth for our company and value-added solutions for our customers.

As the Chief Strategy Officer, my responsibility is to ensure the execution of the company strategy and that it supports the overall strategic direction of our customers. This also includes overseeing our integrated sales and marketing strategy to support market expansion and developing products and solutions that leverage our core value proposition. Working collaboratively across the organization, we provide scaled, evolutionary solutions that enable our customers to more efficiently continue their journey towards “digital transformation."

My goal is to be a strategic partner, leveraging our high performing teams to provide thought leadership in delivery of trusted, enterprise solutions to our network of customers.

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