Responsibility At The Core

As a company with national reach and operations from coast to coast, Symcor understands the importance of doing business in a socially responsible manner.

We believe our decision making should consider the environment, our employees and our communities, as well as our clients and shareholders. Together, we share responsibility for ensuring that Symcor makes socially responsible decisions today, for the benefit of tomorrow.

Message from the CEO

Symcor is a values-driven company, and our core values support the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR). As we strive to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, we do so with firmly rooted commitments to accountability, integrity, enterprising spirit, performance and collaboration. These values also guide us toward the implementation of socially responsible practices wherever possible, across all of our lines of business.

Doing what’s right for the environment, our employees and our communities isn’t a top-down or bottom-up exercise. It is a collaborative process that takes vision, leadership and passion. These are qualities that we see in Symcor employees at every level, every day. The best ideas and our most significant CSR accomplishments have come from employees who see opportunities and develop the plans that turn them into realities. Symcor leaders have a responsibility to nurture this spirit of innovation and initiative, to support initiatives that strengthen our CSR performance, and to encourage the passion and enthusiasm for spreading socially responsible activities throughout the company.

From award-winning recycling programs to celebrations of our diversity and the pride that comes from giving back to our communities, we are developing a Symcor approach to corporate social responsibility that informs, engages and connects our many different stakeholders. Together, we can do what’s right.

Chameli Naraine
President & Chief Executive Officer

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