Our People

Our employee base reflects Canada’s diversity, and we are committed to supporting all employees in their pursuit of meaningful and rewarding work at Symcor.

Giving Employees a Voice

Our commitment to regular dialogue with employees goes back more than a decade, when Symcor first began conducting annual company-wide employee surveys to better understand the needs and opinions of our diverse employee base.

Each year, information from the confidential survey conducted by an external third party helps us to develop action plans and initiatives that respond to key issues raised by Symcor employees. From an increase in leadership communication to an enhanced rewards and recognition program, listening to employees has helped strengthen the Company and ensure we have a workforce that is engaged in our business strategy and our priorities.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that a workforce that represents the communities in which we operate is a competitive advantage for Symcor. As a national company, we also believe in reflecting as much of Canada’s diverse population as possible. Symcor’s formal Employment Equity and Accommodation Policy provides specific guidelines for ensuring that employees from diverse groups and backgrounds have access to services, opportunities for training and professional development, promotion, accommodation for special needs and the best chance possible for a rewarding career at Symcor.

We are proud that our efforts have been recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). The CHRC has identified Symcor as a leader in our industry when it comes to the representation of diverse groups. Celebrating that diversity is part of what we do to ensure an inclusive and welcoming work environment for all employees. Symcor Diversity Days encourage employees to share their unique cultural traditions through clothing, food and customs. Our annual Diversity Fairs and Diversity Awareness Simulation Activities help all employees understand the challenges faced by people living with disabilities. These activities help Symcor employees experience the workplace from the perspective of their diverse colleagues and make for a more caring and understanding workplace, one that works together to achieve shared business goals.

Health & Safety

Symcor is committed to ensuring that employees have a safe and secure environment in which to work, regardless of their location or job position. We take health and safety seriously and have implemented company-wide training programs, policies and reporting processes that go beyond Canadian Labour Code legislated requirements.

Every Symcor workplace has a Hazard Prevention Program (HPP) and a Health & Safety Committee. The committee identifies and makes recommendations on health and safety issues, tracks injuries, accidents and work-related illnesses and solicits direct feedback and input on working conditions from affected employees. They also host annual wellness events to highlight general health and well-being and promote health and safety in the workplace and at home.

Training and education is provided to every employee through a module covering all aspects of health and safety in the Symcor workplace. Annual refresher training keeps safety top of mind for employees, helping to prevent injuries and accidents before they happen.

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