Symcor is proud to invest in the communities across Canada in which we do business. Our giving strategy is focused on improving the lives of our community members and supporting our employees in their personal efforts to make a difference in their communities.

Symcor’s Corporate Giving

In addition to causes that benefit community development and diversity, Symcor’s financial donations are also allocated in the specific areas of education and healthcare.

In education, we believe in supporting charities and non-profit organizations that help to provide essential skills and training for students of all ages to prepare them for lifelong success. Our healthcare focus is on programs that improve quality of life, including organizations that have a strong foundation of successful research and work toward causes such as reducing the prevalence of heart disease and strokes and finding a cure for cancer.

For information on our corporate donations policy, criteria and exclusions, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your specific information request.

Symcor Employees Make the Difference

Supporting the volunteer efforts of Symcor employees is a key part of our community giving and social responsibility strategy. Employees who demonstrate their commitment to community causes are eligible to receive donations toward the charity they are directly involved with, in recognition of the personal time and effort they donate to improving their communities.

Our employees also make a difference to numerous charities, causes and relief efforts through their own grassroots initiatives. Many of these are aligned with our corporate giving focus, but they are 100% organized, led and executed by dedicated employees. This proactive involvement in helping others has included bake sales, barbecues and pancake breakfasts to raise funds for groups in need, as well as donation drives for clothing, toys and food for community members.


Together: community, diversity, education, environment, and health make up Symcor’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Included in these areas of focus is Symcor’s overarching cause: Possibilities, building tomorrows together. The Possibilities mission: To provide access to programs and activities that work to end the cycle of poverty in our communities. Its Vision: To end the cycle of poverty through the education of marginalized youth.

To help Symcor achieve this, we have partnered with two organizations: Pathways to Education and United Way's All in for Youth.

Pathways to Education LogoAcross Canada, the average high school dropout rate ranges from 7–13 per cent. However, in low-income communities the average high school dropout rate dramatically increases to 30–50 per cent.

Pathways to Education is a national, charitable organization breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Its award-winning program is creating positive social change by supporting youth living in low-income communities to overcome barriers to education, graduate from high school, and build the foundation for a successful future. Through the collective power of partnerships, Pathways to Education’s innovative program is preparing youth for tomorrow.

Working alongside the school system, Pathways to Education makes a multi-year commitment to youth and their families, at no cost to them. Pathways to Education students are provided with a holistic combination of academic, financial, social, and one-on-one supports throughout their years in high school. Through a network of staff, volunteers, and partners, Pathways to Education is building a Graduation Nation.

For more information, visit:

All in for Youth Logo

In Calgary, 3,000 youths are at risk of not completing high school on time each year. Together we can change this.

United Way’s All In for Youth is a citywide initiative focused on school completion. The initiative aims to increase the high school completion rate in Calgary, connect youth with positive adults and support them in transitioning successfully to adulthood.

Youth face multiple challenges that can get in the way of their education, including: poverty, lack of positive supports, mental health, and language barriers. All In for Youth works with schools, government, corporations, agencies and individuals to build a system of supports to help youth reach their potential.

To get there, All In for Youth is connecting youth to positive adults, removing barriers to success, bringing youth back to school, and encouraging varied learning and career options. Every program and project including Success Coaches, free math tutoring, mentoring, career talks, and internships are closely monitored to ensure it’s working for students, volunteers and partners, supporting youth to achieve their personal and educational goals.

For more information on United Way’s All in for Youth, visit: 


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