Why Work at Symcor?

Symcor employs some of the brightest and best people in the industry. We attract and retain top talent because of our commitment to helping each of our employees reach their goals and maximize their potential.

Working at Symcor offers:

A values-based culture.

At Symcor, we have a clear set of values that guide our employees in their daily work and decision-making:

  • Accountability – Willingness to take vested ownership from beginning to end.
  • Integrity – Open, honest, and responsible…”do the right thing.”
  • Performance – Deliver value in a consistent, measurable and timely manner.

Compensation and Benefits

We offer a compensation program that rewards exceptional performance and the achievement of objectives. Regular participation in market surveys ensures that we understand the competitive environment and comparable total compensation for the different markets in which we operate.

Our total compensation package also includes a variable pay component that is based on both employees' individual performance and Symcor's financial performance, or a productivity incentive payment that rewards top performance in certain job categories. Symcor provides employees with a benefits program that offers choices to meet individual and family needs, as well as an opportunity to contribute to a Symcor Pension Plan and benefit from company contributions that make saving for the long term a little easier.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

When our employees succeed, Symcor succeeds. We encourage employees to participate in training programs to develop job-related skills and increase the potential for career growth and advancement.

Awards and Recognition

We recognize and reward employees for demonstrating our values and making significant contributions to the success of our business.

Symcor's Appreciation Awards program allows employees to recognize their peers for going above and beyond in our team environment. It also gives supervisors and managers another way to recognize strong performance in addition to the regular feedback, performance, reviews and variable pay incentives that are part of every employee's compensation program.

Community Involvement

Our core values support the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), recognizing that as an organization we impact the lives of our shareholders, clients, employees, and the communities in which we operate. Operating with integrity, accountability, and collaboration means conducting our business in a socially responsible manner.

Symcor employees make a difference in our communities through both grassroots and personal initiatives; a testament to their passion, initiative and leadership.

Employee Engagement

Symcor believes that well-informed employees are highly engaged employees. We're committed to keeping our Symcor team informed and updated through regular communication, a comprehensive intranet, and management town hall meetings.

We listen to our employees to gain insight into ways in which we can improve our performance and create a satisfying work experience for everyone. Each year, we conduct a company-wide Employee Opinion Survey to help us understand our strengths and identify areas where we have an opportunity to improve. We're very proud of the high levels of employee engagement we see across Symcor.

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